STS Sedov will set her sail for the Sea of Japan

On July 14, the barque Sedov, taking part in the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo sailing ships, will leave the 33rd berth of the Pacific fleet in Vladivostok and set her sail for the Sea of Japan.
Next Tuesday the Sedov will start a month-long voyage in the Sea of Japan. The crew and Rosrybolovstvo cadets are ready for adventures while exploring new horizons. The decision to arrange 1--month voyage was made by the Rosrybolovstvo authorities. Due to SARS-CoV-2 spread the most of the ports cancelled the calls of the expedition vessel.

However, this voyage is important for cadets from Vladivostok and Murmansk to as it is a chance to get sea practice and sea experience. The Sedov is scheduled to be back to the port of Vladivostok in mid-August.

After a short stay, replenishment of supplies and relief of cadets she will start her passage to the home port of Kaliningrad with cadets-newcomers on board.

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