The day of Russia on the Sedov and Pallada

On June 12, 2020 the frigate Pallada and the barque Sedov were celebrating the national holiday. Solemn formations of Яthe crews and cadets were arranged, the national flag was raised to the sound of national anthem.
The holiday on the Sedov began with all hands on deck training. It was the first such training in the second stage of the expedition and 202nd since barque's departure from Kaliningrad. The crew set the sails with the expedition's symbols, dressed the vessel with nautical flags and hoisted the National Flag of the Russian Federation. Afterwards the there was a solemn formation and Master's congratulatory speech.

After the formation, the cadets were invited to a concert of Pacific fleet Academic Song and Dance Ensemble. The perfomance took place right on the berth.

In agreement with the headquarters of the Pacific fleet and in compliance with all the rules of quarantine, mutual excursions of the crew and cadets of the barque to the guard cruiser Varyag were arranged.

The commander of the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs boarded the Sedov and exchanged ships' souvenir plagues with Mst Evgeniy Romashkin.

In the afternoon, FESTFU rector Oleg Shcheka also arrived on the Sedov. He made a ceremonial speech together with the Masters of the Sedov and Pallada.

At the conclusion of the day all participants were invited to a themed evening (on the Sedov) dedicated to the holiday.

It is instructive to recall that the STS Pallada and Sedov moored at Vladivostok on June 3, 2020. The Pallada has returned to her home port, thus she successfully completed the round-the-world expedition, while the Sedov is getting ready for the second stage. The vessel is scheduled to come back to Kaliningrad in October 2020.

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Photos by Vasiliy Semidyanov

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