Ship's art studio

Artist Yevgeniy Mashkovskiy has founded an art studio on board of the Sedov. The studio inspires people, teaches them to work hard and gives them a chance to relax.
Some cadets have been attending the studio since its foundation, while others have recently joined it. Everyone has a different painting and drawing background, so the approach and tasks are also different. Someone studies composition and coloristics from scratch, someone starts painting portraits for the first time, while others master their graphic skills.

"I do like drawing, I always make some graphic sketches, and working with colours still causes some problems," says Georgiy Kolbin (BSA cadet).

Having previously studied the face anatomy with Evgeniy Mashkovskiy, Cadet Stepan Obukhov started working on a portrait. Stepan says: "I have painted hundreds of skulls to develop a better idea of a face and a head before getting down to this work".

Cadet Nikolai Krumm says: "When I came to the studio, I had zero experience in fine arts but my motivation was really high. I started from scratch. Now I am drawing the Pallada, I am trying to focus on every detail 'case small things make a big difference”.

Head of the practice Alexey Kovtunenko shared this experience: "When I got the news about the artist on board I came to Evgeniy and asked him for a small portrait. Evgeniy invited me to the studio and we made this portrait together. So, I hang out here, painting really warms my heart and every day I learn something new.

The cadets have already prepared Victory Day exhibition. They painted portraits of soldiers, drew eternal flame, orders and medals.

The main exhibits of the final exhibition will be pictures dedicated to the round-the-world expedition, drawings of the vessel and seascapes.

In the meantime the barque Sedov has crossed the line of the Northern tropic (or Tropic of Cancer), the vessel is currently sailing in East China sea.

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