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Николай Зорченко: «Сейчас «Паллада» - самое безопасное место на планете»


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С планами "погулять и пошопиться" пришлось повременить


In the morning of April 7, the ship anchored in the port Louis roadstead. The roadstead stay of the vessel canceled "Open Board" and shore leaves for the crew and cadets....

Меж двух континентов


Between two continents

In the morning of April 4, the Kruzenshtern headed for the port of Novorossiysk. The route is quite complicated. The distance to be sailed is more than 3,000 nautical miles. The ship has to cross the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Bla...

"Крузенштерн" прошёл Гибралтар (видео)


Kruzenshtern passed Gibraltar (video)

"Land, land" used to shout seafarers of the past. "Mobile roaming" shout cadets nowadays at the sight of land. The roaming means a chance to call your loved ones. But as soon as everyone looked up from their smartphone...

«Седов» пополнил запасы на рейде Порта-Луи


Sedov replenished her supplies in the roadstead of Port Louis

The Sedov arrived in the roadstead of the capital of Mauritius – Port Louis. It is her scheduled call within the framework of "Sails of Peace" expedition.

На «Палладе» прошла спартакиада


Sports and athletic contest on Pallada

On April 5, the final stage of the sports and athletic contest took place on the Pallada. It was mainly devoted to the tug of war competition.

«Крузенштерн» в Лас-Пальмасе (дополнено видео)


Kruzenshtern in Las Palmas

During the period from April 1 to April 4, the sailing training ship Kruzenshtern was staying at the port of Las Palmas. As soon as mobile connection appeared, the crew and cadets were able to contact their near and dear ones. For the sa...

Тонкий юмор и толстые намёки


Subtle humor and bursts of laughter

On April 1, people on the vessel laughed at caricatures, watched art videos and ate pineapples.

Концерт в честь праздника Нептуна на "Крузенштерне" (дополнено фото)


Neptune Day concert on Kruzenshtern

The concert was postponed due to weather conditions, so, the participants had more time to get ready. That was in the interest of cadets from Volgo-Caspian Maritime Fishing College. Traditionally, guys from Astrakhan region perform their ...

«Седов» в Индийском океане


Sedov in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean will be associated on board with the first spring month, monsoon winds and games of the "UEFA Champions League".

Кругосветные будни «Паллады»


Pallada's expedition routine

The frigate Pallada has been sailing around the world for more than 150 days. The distance of more than 19 thousand nautical miles has been covered. Now the vessel is passing the island state of the Republic of Madagascar off the South-Ea...

«Крузенштерн» зашёл в Лас-Пальмас-де-Гран-Канария


Kruzenshtern has arrived to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Kruzenshtern is scheduled to stay in Las Palmas from April 1 to 3, and the departure is planned in the morning of April 4. During the stay in the port, the ship will replenish her supplies of fuel, technical liquids and food.

Как проходит трансатлантический переход «Крузенштерна»


Kruzenshtern's transatlantic crossing

Time flies on board. More than four and a half thousand nautical miles have already been sailed.

На траверзе Мадагаскара «Паллада» поймала попутный ветер и попала пятибалльную качку


Fair wind abeam of Madagascar

The Indian ocean which seemed to be calm at first, surprised the Pallada with pitching and rolling in a short while. The sailing training ship of the Agency is passing Madagascar and proceeding to Mauritius, Port Louis, having caught favo...

В страну семицветных песков


To the land of the seven-colored earths

Cape of the Needles, the border of two oceans and the documentary film festival – work and rest hours on board of the STS Sedov.

Барк "Седов" покинул Кейптаун


Barque Sedov left Cape Town

As part of the circumnavigation of the world, the Sedov has left Cape Town (the Republic of South Africa) and is heading for the capital of the Republic of Mauritius-Port Louis.

По пути в Лас-Пальмас


En route to Las Palmas

The Kruzenshtern is proceeding to the Canary Islands.

«Паллада» вышла в Индийский океан


Pallada has sailed into the Indian Ocean

The STS Pallada has rounded Cape Agulhas also known as the Cape of the Needles. It is the geographic southern tip of the African continent and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

"Крузенштерн" вернулся в Северное полушарие


The Kruzenshtern returned to the Northern hemisphere

On March 18, the Kruzenshtern approached the Equator. As everyone knows the Equator is an imaginary line drawn around the middle of the earth at an equal distance from the North Pole and the South Pole. Having crossed the Equator the shi...

«Седов» зашёл в Кейптаун (ЮАР) (дополнено видео)


Sedov called at Cape Town (South Africa)

Strong gusts of wind met the sailing ships of Rosrybolovstvo the Sedov and Pallada at one of the most important African ports – Cape Town.