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На "Крузенштерне" отметили юбилей открытия Антарктиды


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Мы говорим не "штормы", а "шторма"


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"Морская практика" присоединяется к кругосветке


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"Паллада" прибудет в Чили в день 200-летия открытия Антарктиды


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Шестой континент. К юбилею открытия Антарктиды


The sixth continent. On the anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica

200 years ago, on January 28, 1820, Russian seafarers were the first to approach the shores of the ice continent. Later this land will be called Antarctica

«Крузенштерн» в Рио (дополнено)


Kruzenshtern in Rio

Crew members and cadets of the barque Kruzenshtern laid wreaths and flowers at the World War II Memorial Monument built to honor nearly 2,000 Brazilian soldiers killed in the conflict.

Укатка парусов на "Крузенштерне"


Furling the sails on the Kruzenshtern

Click here for a short video about furling the sails before calling at Rio de Janeiro.

"Паллада" на подходе к Чили


The Pallada on her way to Chile

A few days remain before the scheduled call of the Pallada to the Chilean port of Valparaiso.

Спартакиада на «Седове»: медали, кубок и пирог


Sports and athletic contest on the Sedov: medals, Cup and pie

Six teams participated in the sea multisport competition, but only one team became the champion.

Началась бразильская стоянка «Крузенштерна»


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"Паллада" готовится к заходу в Вальпараисо


The Pallada is preparing to call at Valparaiso

The frigate Pallada is proceeding to the Chilean seaport of Valparaiso, which is 360 nautical miles away. Pre-arrival routine is being carried out on board.

Завтра, 22 января, «Крузенштерн» зайдет в Рио-де-Жанейро


Tomorrow on January 22, Kruzenshtern is calling at Rio de Janeiro

The ship will stay in the most famous port of Brazil for three days. This visit is a great chance to recover strength, see new landscapes and, of course, get to know the Brazilians and their country....

Курсантам вручили шуточные сертификаты


Cadets were awarded funny certificates

The long-awaited sea holiday was celebrated on the Sedov.

Утренняя зарядка на "Крузенштерне"


Neptune holiday on the Kruzenshtern

For the first time in 15 year period the Kruzenshtern hoisted Jolly Roger. The ship was under the thumb the Lord of the seas Neptune and his retinue. According to the old Maritime tradition line-crossing was marked with a large-scale holi...

Учебная тревога на "Палладе"


Man overboard drill on the Pallada

On January 13, at 18:30 ship’s time man overboard drill was commenced.

8 миль по экватору


8 miles along the Equator

Today, on January 15, at 8 a.m., the ship solemnly hoisted the largest tricolor and played the national Anthem of Russia in two hemispheres at once. The Sedov was proceeding along the equator line for an hour and sailed 8 nautical miles.

На "Палладе" подвели итоги спартакиады


Sports Competition Results on the Pallada

The competition between the teams of three masts has already been over. A foremast, mainmast and mizzenmast teams have shown impressive skills.

Пять суток и более 1000 миль под парусами (дополнено видео)


Five days and more than 1,000 miles under sail

On January 7, the Sedov stopped the engines and kept proceeding under sail. By January 12, the ship has had quite a significant mileage.

На «Крузенштерне» прошёл праздник пересечения экватора


Line-crossing ceremony on the Kruzenshtern

On January 9, at 19:40 ship’s time, the barque Kruzenshtern safely crossed the equator. The day of crossing the Equator is called the Day of Neptune. Hardcore seafarers made a theatrical performance to leave a good memory of this signific...

Старый Новый год на "Палладе"


Old New year on the Pallada

On the Old New Year holiday the Pallada crossed the 30th parallel of the Southern latitude.