Sailyards of the Pallada have been dismantled

The crew of the training sailing vessel has completed removal of spars for following renovation while preparing for the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo.
All 15 yards have been removed from the masts for troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. Paint is to be chipped and the thickness of the metal is to be checked. If necessary, welding work will be conducted, yard rollers and blocks will be changed. According to the technical regulations, this procedure is usually performed every ten years.

After completion of maintenance and repair works, the yards will be painted again and installed in their regular places. During the procedure, experts will have to determine the degree of wear of the removed elements and make a conclusion about general condition of sailing vessel’s spars.

This will help to schedule further repairs of the remaining spars. According to the plan at the end of August the frigate is going to floating dock in Diomid Bay (Vladivostok) for repair works, and in mid-October the crew is having an inspection of Far Eastern branch of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and getting all the necessary documents for the voyage.

The expedition of training sailing vessels of Rosrybolovstvo is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, as well as to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The expedition is starting in November-December period of 2019 The sailing vessels are putting to sea from Vladivostok, Kronstadt and Kaliningrad. The barque Sedov and the training frigate Pallada are sailing around the world, while the barque Kruzenshtern is going to make a transatlantic crossing. The route of the training sailing vessels is partly repeating the voyage of Bellingshausen & Lazarev’s expedition. During the voyage the three ships are going to sail 100 thousand nautical miles. The voyage will be finished at the end of 2020