Frigate Pallada is preparing for repair

The crew of the training sailing vessel Pallad has been preparing for a round-the-world expedition of sailing training vessels of Rosrybolovstvo, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, as well as the to 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
The training frigate Pallada has finished her third voyage of 2019-navigational season. At the moment the vessel is in Vladivostok, moored at Pervomayskiy seaport. She is getting ready for her third round-the-world expedition.

The crew and shore gangs are being busy with pre-docking works. Master of the training frigate Pallada Nikolay Zorchenko says that preparation for the circumnavigation goes as planned. "We deal with all repair issues in timely manner. We have already rolled up our sleeves to dismantle fifteen yards from the masts. This part of repair is quite considerable as we have not done this laborious and unusual work since 2005. KSTU Rector also ordered to repair vessel's hull, electrical systems, radio room, refrigeration plant etc. One more issue of high importance is of course manning and crew recruitment. The top officers of the Pallada (both navigators and engineers) have worked on her board for more than 20 years. The requirements for new crewmembers are very high," added the Master.

At the end of August the frigate will head to the Bay of Diomid in Vladivostok for docking; in mid-October she will have an inspection from the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and get all necessary docs for the coming voyage.

A large-scale expedition which will begin in November-December 2019 involves the Pallada, the Sedov and the Kruzenshtern.

Nota bene: The Pallada is a full-rigged three-mast training vessel. She belongs to the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University (Vladivostok). The Pallada was built in Poland at the shipyard of Gdansk in 1989. The flag was hoisted on her board on 4 July 1989. She was named after the naval frigate Pallada which in 1852-1855 made a famous passage under command of aide-de-camp Ivan Unkovsky. There was a diplomatic mission on board headed by Vice-Admiral E. V. Putyatin. The ship was sailing from Kronstadt across the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans to the shores of Japan. This three-mast vessel model was based on early twentieth century standards for sailing ships. The training sailing vessel Pallada has a classical rigging which is typical for three-mast scheme. All 26 sails are set manually. Two engines driven by CPP are used for sailing in stormy conditions and for port manoeuvres.