The North Sea and first masts climbing

After passing the Estbroen bridge and Cape Skagen, the barque entered the North Sea.
The North Sea was not very welcoming. There was sea state force 6-8 for 3 days and 40-meter gusts of wind. Access to the boat deck was prohibited due to safety reasons.

Every day the cadets had 4 class periods. There were also various types of trainings aimed at throughout preparation of guys to working independently. After all, in order to start ship works and climb the 56-meter masts, the guys have to undergo serious training. The weather allowed taking a training on masts climbing on 11 and 12 December.

Soon the cadets will take tests to get permit to independent work. The navigational cadets will have their watches on wheel under supervision of watch officers and engineering cadets will carry out their watches in the engine room.

The English Channel and Atlantic are ahead. The expedition is going on.

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