Sedov's tropical routine

The barque approached the Straits and shores of Asia, heading for Singapore.
Life is humming on board. Deck and sailing works keep people on their toes. The blazing tropical sunshine can be really exhausting for he guys who grew up in rainy Kaliningrad.

In the evening, the heat subsides, and romantics spend time on the deck right under the stars. Thunderstorms are also common in this part of the world. Cadets are happy to get soaking wet under a tropical shower. Rain streams bring coolness and fresh air. Guys enjoy running barefoot along the wooden deck.

On dry days ones who are responsible for washing the deck are considered to be lucky ducks. They can also wash themselves and their shipmates.

Daily maintenance of the vessel is controlled by the Chief Bosun. In the morning he inspects the mast and after the inspection gives his tasks to the deck crew and cadets. Some guys must prime and paint sailyards, others have to focus on crow's nest. So, time flies fast.

In the evenings, cadets watch documentaries provided by the Russian geographical society. One of them is called "The pole of cold connecting the oceans" The film is about a new river route from Okhotsk, leading to two oceans at once – the Pacific and the Arctic.

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