The operation that was saluted in Moscow

Cadets and crew of STS Sedov celebrated the 75th anniversary of Königsberg assault.
There was a solemn evening on board. A themed presentation was made by a member of military historical club, cadet Dmitriy Vinokurov from the Baltic State Academy of Fishing Fleet (BSA RF).

Dmitry told the audience about the losses of our troops and the defense of this modernised heavily defended fortress. Assaulting Königsberg was not to be an easy task. Our army was opposed by huge military resources: garrisoned inside the city full-strength divisions, impressive defensive positions, numerous warehouses and arsenals, underground factories.

According to Soviet documents, about 94 thousand fascists were captured, and about 42 thousand people were killed. Soviet units captured more than 2,000 guns, 1,600 mortars, and 128 aircraft. The Konigsberg operation was marked with a salute in Moscow. The Medal "For the Capture of Königsberg" was established in the USSR to recognise the participants of the battle to capture the city of Königsberg.

It is important to realize what the price was "paid" for this city.Thanks to the soldiers who remained forever in this land, we can safely walk and live in Kaliningrad, in our city of Military Glory.

Cadets and crew members held a minute of silence in memory of the living and fallen in that war.

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