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"Седов" бросает вызов Арктике


The translation will soon be available

Итоги рейса. Возвращение во Владивосток (видео)


The translation will soon be available...

Большая приборка накануне завершения рейса (видео)


A big clean-up before voyage completion(video)

We count the days before Sedov's call at the port of Vladivostok, so it is high time for a big clean-up on board. However bringing everything in order on the largest sail training ship of the world is not a piece of cake....

Укатка парусов на "Седове" (видео)


Sails furling on the Sedov (video)

Study on the barque is much different from a standard academic process as it never stops. Barque's endless routine includes sail setting and furling during sudden "all hands on deck" trainings. For sure, sails setting is much mo...

«Седов» под парусами в Японском море (видео)


Sedov en route in the Sea of Japan (video)

We keep on sharing videos on awesome moments of sea practice on the barque Sedov. <a href="">Click here</a> for Sedov's NSR passage schedule....

Итоги десятисуточного курса (видео)


Results of the ten-day course (video)

The cadets have recently passed their first exam on board. During 10 days the guys were doing their best to grasp the necessary information about the barque. The were spending long hours studying the vessel and scrutinizing her standing ...

«Седов» вернётся домой по Северному морскому пути


The Sedov will proceed home along the Northern Sea Route

The decision was made at a meeting of the organizing committee responsible for preparation and conduct of the 2019-2020 round-the-world expedition of training and sailing vessels of the Federal Agency for Fisheries. The Committee was chai...

Как на "Седове" отметили День рыбака


Fisherman's Day on the Sedov

Fisherman's day is probably one of the most important holidays for the crew of the Sedov.

Поздравление главы Росрыболовства с Днём рыбака


Greetings on Fisherman's Day from the Head of Rosrybolovstvo

On July 12 Russian fishermen traditionally celebrate their professional holiday-Fisherman's Day. The date was established by a decree of by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union 55 years ago, on May 3, 1965. The holiday ...

Барк «Седов» выйдет в рейс по Японскому морю


STS Sedov will set her sail for the Sea of Japan

On July 14, the barque Sedov, taking part in the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo sailing ships, will leave the 33rd berth of the Pacific fleet in Vladivostok and set her sail for the Sea of Japan.

Замруководителя Росрыболовства посетил УПС «Паллада» и «Седов» (дополнено видео)


The Deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo visited the Pallada and Sedov

The Deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, Pyotr Savchuk, is being on his working trip to Primorsky Krai.

Барк «Седов». Век под парусами


Barque Sedov. A century under sail

The world's largest sailing training ship (STS) barque Sedov, is making her second circumnavigation of the world. She is one of the oldest sailing vessels which are still in operation.

День кораблестроителя на "Седове"


The day of shipbuilder on the Sedov

The day of shipbuilder celebrated on June 29 is a great occasion to familiarize the cadets with the vessel where they are going to learn, work and live. The century-old vessel has a rich history and a lot of places which are worth seeing.

УПС "Седов": парад Победы


STS Sedov: Victory parade

There was a ceremonial formation arranged on the Sedov. So, it can be assumed that the second part of the expedition was launched.There are only days left before ship's departure. The last cadets who had made the long journey from Kalinin...

Кастинг талантов


Talents casting

Talents casting has been held on the Sedov, as they say on the ship, that is a good chance to get to know the new cadets better.

Первый раз – на марс


Getting to the crow's nest

On June 17, Sedov's cadets who had recently joined the ship, began a ten-day training program.

День России на "Седове" и "Палладе" (дополнено видео)


The day of Russia on the Sedov and Pallada

On June 12, 2020 the frigate Pallada and the barque Sedov were celebrating the national holiday. Solemn formations of Яthe crews and cadets were arranged, the national flag was raised to the sound of national anthem. ...

Наконец-то дома! (дополнено видео)


We are home, at last

On June 9, on the parade ground of the Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College, a solemn ceremony was held to mark the homecoming of Sedov's cadets and completion expedition's first part.

Домой – с наградами


Heading home with awards

The Sedov is being moored in Vladivostok and it is a high time to encourage the best cadets and to do honour to the memory of the heroes of Russia.

Как встречали "Палладу"


Warm welcome to Pallada

Photo report by Yevgenia Romanenko from Vladivostok.