The Pallada got moored at the first port

On 7 December, the frigate Pallada moored at the first port of the circumnavigation, Apia (Western Samoa), thus she completed her 37-day voyage from Vladivostok.
The Pallada will be staying in Apia for three days. The capital of Western Samoa welcomed the crew with the tropical trees and plants in bloom. it is the beginning of summer in Southern Hemisphere.

No official events have been planned, however, the local media has not ignored the arrival of the Russian vessel. They have arranged an interview with the crew.

Cadets and shipboys visited the Museum of Robert Louis Stevenson, and the most courageous fans of his talent climbed to the top of mount Ut Vaea to the grave of the writer, ascetic and propagandist of marine adventures, the author of "Treasure Island" beloved by everybody since childhood.

Tomorrow the Pallada will be heading for the capital of French Polynesia, the port of Papeete.

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