Pallada is about to beat daily all hands on deck record

The sail training ship Pallada is completing the round-the-world expedition and coming back to her home waters. The ship is sailing in the East China Sea and proceeding to the Japanese Sea. The weekend turned out to be enjoyable: the wind allowed the crew to set and raise the sails, thus the engine was turned off.
However calm weather did not last long. Strong gusts of wind were so persistent that the watch officer needed all hands on deck five times. An unexpected squall caused the ship to list and unfixed objects fell from the shelves.

Daytime heat fell down to a comfortable below-30-degrees temperature after heavy rains. The sky got covered with clouds. In the evening, the guys unpacked their hoodies to put them on.

It was clear that the time of tropical uniform had already been over. Next morning the crew changed into uniform number two (white shirt and black trousers).

During morning formation, Mst Nikolay Zorchenko expressed his gratitude and appreciation to two cadets and a ship boy: Ivan Samokish, Ilya Karmishin and Andrey Vasilyev. The guys were officially thanked for their diligence and reliability.

Pre-arrival works are going on in routine mode.

Text by Olga Shchedrova
Photos by Yevgeniya Romanenko

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