At zero degrees latitude

The Pallada has crossed the Equator for the second time and sailed a distance equal to its length.
The Pallada crossed the Equator twice during the round-the-world expedition. For the first time she did in the Pacific Ocean. The second crossing was on April 20 in the Indian Ocean. Both events were marked with a holiday on board. In the Indian Ocean the line-crossing ceremony was arranged for the cadets who arrived on board later than their shipmates. The ceremony commemorated their first crossing of the Equator.

The guys have already got used to tropical heat and ocean swell. Everyone on board is safe and sound. The Equatorial calm weather is quite predictable. There is no need to set and lower the sails as the ship is proceeding under power.

Two days earlier, whales were noticed in the vicinity. On Sunday, the Master gave everyone a day off. Most of the day was devoted to communicating with relatives. There was a queue at the door of the radio room – everyone wanted to call their families or to drop them a line.

By April 21, since leaving Vladivostok, the Pallada had sailed more than 22,000 nautical miles – a distance equal to the length of the equator. The frigate is going to meet the barque Sedov soon. The vessels are going to head for Singapore together. Then the Pallada will stick to the route of the expedition and will finally arrive at Vladivostok.

Text by Olga Shchedrova
Photo by Evgenia Romanenko

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