The symbols of the expedition were handed to Bellingshausen's station staff

On February 18, the Russian yachts (Wind Dancer and Siberia) arrived at the Bellingshausen Antarctic station.
On February 14, at the port of Ushuaia, the Master of the barque Kruzenshtern Mr. Mikhail Eremchenko handed the symbols of the expedition to the commander of the educational center "Maritime Practice" Konstantin Popov. Maritime Practice team is sailing on board of the Wind Dancer.

Maritime practice is a long-term partner of the Kruzenshtern, Sedov, and Pallada. Moreover, it is an event planner of the Antarctic part of the expedition.

After a 600-mile crossing of the Drake Strait, the yachties arrived at Bellingshausen station. On February 19, the symbols of the "Sails of the Peace – 2020" expedition were solemnly handed to the Head of the Bellingshausen station. After a short rest, the sailing crews took individual routes.

The yacht Siberia continues her round-the-world trip. The Wind dancer is heading for the Antarctic Circle.