Sedov's January routine

Vessel's technical condition should be maintained on the permanent basis. So, the sailors taught the cadets to sand the surfaces, use various types of paints and primers, do the chipping works. One of the most important events was the painting of the ship's hull.
The ship's hull is always given considerable attention, since the safety of the crew, cargo and the environment depends on its condition and cannot be compromised. Thanks to wonderful Atlantic weather the crew was able to lower the life boats and paint the sides of the barque.

The spare time on board is spent in different ways. Some crew members used DIY spinners to catch ocean fish, while the depth overboard was more than one thousand meters.

Traditionally, at the end of the month, a birthday dinner was organized in cadet's messroom to congratulate January celebrants. Ship’s cooks baked 10 sweet pies for B-boys and girls and their friends.

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