Crow's nest has been reached

Boatswains and heads of practice had 10 days for conducting briefings and lectures on safety, sailing equipment of the vessel, ship regulations and life-saving appliances.
Tests followed the first and most important stage of sea practice. All the cadets passed the tests and got a permit for working aloft.

The first climb to Crow's nest (18 meters above sea level) caused great excitement and joy. The boatswain and the head of practice checked cadets' safety belts. Then Alexander Evgenievich was the first to climb up and down by holding on to the shrouds and then the cadets followed his example.

The cadets shared their emotions as they got back to the deck.

Nikita Chernov: "While climbing I felt my oats. I realized that my decision to become a seafarer was the right one."

Alexey Geraskin: "I have fear of heights, so I tried to overcome myself and my phobia. As I was climbing the rigging, I felt that the fear was conquered. I saw an extraordinary beauty."

Our head Alexey Viktorovich said: "Guys, you will climb these yards hundreds of times during this long voyage. They will become more and more familiar to you. But you have to be at the peak of alertness when you are aloft”.

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