STS Sedov: getting used to the sea

Ship schedule and traditions: Starting with the first days of practice cadets are learning the ropes of marine life.
The beginning of the voyage is associated on board with the morning of December 8. The low bass of ship's whistle was the signal for unmooring at 9.25 am (local time). Alongside the channel people were welcoming the Sedov with car horns, flag waving and applause, and at 12.35 march “Farewell of Slavianka” informed the crew about entering the Baltic sea.

The melody by Vasily Agapkin, composed a hundred years ago, has long grown into the traditional ship march. This symbolic melody marks our vessels' arrival and departure to any port. One cannot imagine our port routine without this music. This rule was introduced by Mst Peter Sergeevich Mitrofanov.

Another tradition is morning formation of cadets for flag hoisting ceremony. It is perfectly followed on the Sedov. The formation becomes a kind of greeting that guys give to each other and their mentors. Here they can get an assessment of the past day and receive a task for the coming one.

Currently cadets' sea practice has been going well. Guys get used to the regime and pitching. Every day begins with morning exercises, which we can also be called our sport tradition.

According to the head of practice Alexandra Savina

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