The Deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo visited the Pallada and Sedov

The Deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, Pyotr Savchuk, is being on his working trip to Primorsky Krai.
Yesterday, on July 9, in the Central building of the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, a meeting of the Far Eastern fishing basin scientific Council was held. Then a delegation of the Federal Agency for fisheries, consisting of the Deputy Head of the Agency P. Savchuk, Head of science and education department S. Golovanov, acting head of the Primorsky territorial administration A. Skumatov and FESTFU rector O. Shcheka visited the barque Sedov.

The barque is being moored at the port of Vladivostok within the framework of a round-the-world expedition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers and the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war.

On the eve of the professional holiday, Mr. Savchuk met the crew and cadets of the vessel, congratulated them on Fisherman's Day. He said: "May you always have wind in your sails and a hand-width of water under your keel!"

It is worth mentioning that FESTFU maritime college cadets (among cadets from other cities) will soon carry out another sea trip to the Western Pacific area. The upcoming expedition will begin in mid-July and last until August 14. Then the STS Sedov will set her sail for the shores of the home port.

Today, on July 10, Deputy Head of Rosrybolovstvo Pyotr Savchuk has arrived on board of the STS Pallada that belongs to FESTFU. Ship's Master N. Zorchenko has reported on the current condition of the ship after the 216-day expedition and shared the most vivid memories of the circumnavigation of the world. The guest has noted high professionalism of the entire crew and cadets who endured this long voyage with dignity.

It should be reminded that during the circumnavigation of the world, the STS Pallada set a new record for sea endurance. In his welcoming speech Mr. Savchuk remarked that the crew and cadets should go on promoting seafarer's profession among young people, keep on striving, seeking, finding, and never yielding or resting on their laurels.

A visit of Rosrybolovstvo's Deputy Head was an important event as it addressed the issue of qualified personnel training for Russian fleet.

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