Getting to the crow's nest

On June 17, Sedov's cadets who had recently joined the ship, began a ten-day training program.
Sailing training normally begins with the first mast climb to crow's nest. So, safety belts were brought to the deck. The cadets started fixing and adjusting them in a clumsy manner. Experienced boatswains and skilles sailors helped the newcomers to don the harness.

Mast boatswains also gave them instructions on safety. Hesitantly, the cadets started climbing up one after another while the mentors were keeping a watchful eye on them.

A short pause at the crow's nest and... a way back down. The first fears were gone as the first challenge was faced. There will be dozens or even hundreds of mast climbs ahead but the that training will probably leave the most vivid impression.

On the waist cadets were learning to make nautical knots. They were doing it excitedly even in their free time.

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Text by Pyotr Solodovnik
Photos by Vasily Semidyanov, Vlad Kosyak

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