Heading home with awards

The Sedov is being moored in Vladivostok and it is a high time to encourage the best cadets and to do honour to the memory of the heroes of Russia.
Totally, the crew and cadets have spent 178 days at sea. This time was not a piece of cake as the days were mostly spent in isolation, with no news from the mainland, far from the families.

During the voyage the cadets were craving for going home. Now, when the parting is coming, every minute spent on the ship with your friends is full of very special emotions. So, the officers decided to encourage the cadets at this touching moment.

The award ceremony took place in the Assembly hall, where the artist Evgeniy Mashkovskiy and the members of his studio had arranged their final exhibition. All those who had been working hard during the voyage received certificates and badges. Three cadets Mary Sarkisyan, Alexey Trushevskiy and Artem Chepel were handed letters of thanks for their parents for raising such worthy children and the cadets themselves received large jubilee medals.

Cadets Stepan Obukhov, Viktor Krylov , Dmitry Dzhumagaziev, Akhmed Mamedov, Ivan Sherstkin, Polina Ponomarenko , Pavel Klochkov were awarded "Russian Sails – 2020" medals for their skills of leadership and personal contribution to cultural events on board.

During the stay at Vladivostok a group of cadets led by Master Evgeniy Romashkin paraded along the pier with red carnations in their hands. They paid tribute to Admiral Georgiy Nevelskiy and heroes of the Russo-Japanese war, visited memorial ensemble dedicated to the trading fleet seamen who died during the Great Patriotic War and laid flowers to the monument to Sergei Lazo.

The finishing touch of this day was taking a group photo of the crew members and cadets on the main deck of the STS Sedov.

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Photos by Vasiliy Semidianov

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