Quest on the Sedov

The new adventure game was started on board. It was an idea of Sedov's officers that helped to shake things up on board.
During the circumnavigation of the world the cadets have already learnt the ropes of their future profession, so the quest put some flavour to their preparation to final exams. So, the quest mixed up the routine as it was full of secrets, unusual missions and long search.

The leaders picked the teams of ten cadets representing each mast. The organizers prepared brain-teasers and hid them in ten envelopes. At the final stage of the quest, the flag had to be found and raised on the bridge. So, the game began on the deck. Some started to guess the wartime tunes; others were cracking the secrets codes while some more guys were peeling onions. Several tasks called for deductive skills. Some crew members also joined the game as they could not stay away. The envelopes were hidden in various spaces of the ship: from the classrooms to crow's nests. Three teams came to the finish line almost simultaneously, and it was difficult to determine the winner.

Master Yevgeniy Romashkin and the board members took a break for a discussion. Their final decision was not to spoil anyone's mood at the end of the first stage of the round-the-world expedition. The board was sure that their desicion would help the guys to believe in goodness. The Master said that there were no losers in this game. All teams received a plaque and the foremast team also got a recognition gift for the best cheerleading chant. The quest was followed with a festive disco on the main deck.

Photos by Vasiliy Semidianov

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