STS Sedov: in memory of Georgy Sedov

One more themed evening on board was dedicated to Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov and the day of Polar Explorer.
A lot of holidays are celebrated in May. Among them are Sedov's birthday and the day of Polar Explorer. As the dates are quite close, the themed event was scheduled on May 4. The day of Polar Explorer was added to the state holiday calendar in 2013.This was a recognition of the merits of people working at the North and South poles.

The evening on board started with a report made by Yulia Gorbenko and Andrey Aksyonov. They studied the life of Georgy Sedov and his contribution to geographical researches in Russia.

Georgy Sedov persistently announced his desire to discover the North Pole and elaborated on the program for the first Russian expedition to the pole. He was absolutely sure that these Northern territories were strategically important. The researcher showed some backbone while trying to provoke social interest to the polar expedition. Thanks to his energy in promoting new ideas, a special Committee was set and soon the funds were raised to support his initiative.

There were only 600 km left to the North Pole when the explorer died. In the face of his imminent demise Sedov had written a goodbye letter to his wife. A copy of this message is exhibited on a stand in the hall STS Sedov at the Historical and cultural center of Maritime education (BSA).

The biography of Georgy Sedov is known to geographers from all over the world. A lot of geographical objects were named after him: bays and a peak on Novaya Zemlya, a glacier and a Cape on Franz Josef Land, as well as an island in the Barents Sea, a Cape in Antarctica and a snow-white training four-masted barque that is making the round-the-world expedition.

After the report made by Yulia Gorbenko and Andrey Aksyonov, Mary Sarkisian soulfully read a verse called "Ice ballad" about the life and feat of Georgy Sedov. Then everyone watched the feature film "Georgy Sedov".

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