May Day in the Strait of Malacca

Sedov celebrated the international day of workers' solidarity.
Regardless of political beliefs May Day slogans are close to everyone. Everone supports a priority of world peace, labour and friendship of peoples.

The celebration on the Sedov started during the morning formation. Top Officers congratulated the crew and cadets on this memorale historical date: “If you know how to work hard then you have the formula to be successful in life. So never shy from performing your duties with dedication. Wish a bright and sunny May Day to all of you Let your friends from the Sedov always be with you...”

After flag hoisting ceremony Chef Alexander Dovgopolyy offered the crew of the barque a festive breakfast.

After the breakfast a traditional May Day parade started. The procession was opened by cadets from sunny Astrakhan. They were dressed as skippers, fishermen, cameramen, astronauts. The guys were carring banners which depicted symbols of their native region: Caspian roach, helms and the logo of the favorite football team “Volgar”. The cadets were singing the anthem of their college.

They were followed by the cadets from Kaliningrad who made the public laugh at their humorous verses and comic chants about hard routine of radio officers.

Cadets from Kamchatka were deriding quarantine menu with their slogans and posters: "Say No to stuck-at-home food! Say No to quarantine and stockpiling!"

Participants from Saint Petersburg came with light-hearted jokes too.

Crew members also joined a friendly youth procession. The engine crew traditionally joked at the navigators and demanded more air conditioners for the engine room. The deck crew glorified friendship and maritime brotherhood felt on board of the Sedov.

Soon the Pallada appeared in the vicinity. The compatriots congratulated each other on the holiday of spring and labor.

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Photos by Vasily Semidyanov

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