Masters' triumvirate

The Russian ships are going to sail a part of the route together. The Masters have agreed on joint actions, planned the passage and discussed the route during a briefing on the Sedov.
After joint maneuvering in the South Atlantic and the 200-mile regatta the Sedov and Pallada continued their round-the-world expedition according to the schedule. Their routes overlap occasinally. Now at the Strait of Malacca, the tug Kalar has joined the tall ships. Yevgeny Romashkin and Nikolai Zorchenko heartily welcomed tug's Master Sergey Ilyichev on board of the Sedov. As the old saying goes: two heads are better than one. We can assume that three captains' heads are much better than two.

The latitudes of South Asia are "natural habitat" for Pallada's Master. Nikolay Zorchenko feels at home here. So, the briefing was a chance to exchange and enrich experience. It was held on board of the Sedov. Everyone on the Sedov was happy to receive guests. Such meetings make ship's routine more diverse.

After exchange of greetings and traditional photoshoot the Masters started talking about the joint transit of the Straits. As a mark of respect, the Masters exchanged souvenirs, expedition badges and thematic books. Nikolai Zorchenko and Sergey Ilyichev made entries into ship's guest book and wished good luck in future endeavors to Sedov's crew and cadets.

The guests were asked to a table to enjoy Chef's specialities. Sedov's baker Alexey Safronov also made spiced fruit bread for the Masters. The guests liked it so much that they asked for a few loaves as a takeaway.

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