From zero degrees latitude the North

The barque Sedov crossed the Equator again on the twentieth of April and returned to the Northern hemisphere.
During the morning formation Mst Romashkin congratulated the crew and cadets on this significant event. This day became the starting point of a return trip to the home port.

The weather is favourable and the sea is calm in the sailing area. The Indian Ocean seems to be friendly and welcoming. However, there is no time for relaxation, work never stops on board. Cadets are involved in painting, chipping and scrubbing operations.

In Indian Ocean the line-crossing ceremony was arranged for the ship cooks as they arrived on board later than their shipmates. So, the ship cooks were the main characters that day. In honour of the event the cadets prepared a cheerful radio broadcast.

At five o'clock, a festive concert with the participation of Neptune and his retinue began. There were a lot of jokes and fun. Soon cadets Stepan Obukhov and Artem Chepel presented their song. The guys sang it to the accompaniment of guitar and violin. Astrakhan cadets presented a hip-hop composition. Finally best Sedov's dancers appeared on the deck with the Russian Sailors Dance known as "Yablochko".

After dinner, all the crew members and cadets were invited to join a disco.

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Photo by Vasiliy Semidianov

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