Pallada celebrated 100 days of round-the-world expedition

The Pallada was the first to start the expedition. She left the port of Vladivostok on November 1, 2019. The training vessel Pallada has spent a hundred days circumnavigating the world by February 7. 12 thousand nautical miles have already been sailed.
The Pallada has crossed the entire Pacific Ocean, called at the ports of Apia (Samoa), Papeete (Tahiti), and Valparaiso (Chile).

The frigate encountered sharks and whales, seals and flying fish. Sport competitions and a concert were held held on board, an open-air cinema was also set up. The crew celebrated 45 birthdays and swam in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

By February 7, there have been 135 all hands on deck and a lot of various drills like "man overboard", "ship abandon"," fire fighting" etc.

Drake Strait and Cape Horn are in 2-day distance.
The call at Ushuaia is scheduled for February 11. Near Tierra del Fuego, the frigate will meet Kruzenshtern and in the Antarctic part of the Atlantic they will encounter the Sedov to participate in 200-mile regatta.

After that, the second stage of the expedition will begin.

Based on shipboard journalist report

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