In the Pacific

The Pallada is still in the Pacific. The crew has sailed more than six thousand nautical miles.
On the morning of December 19 the young explorers saw on the horizon the Society archipelago — a group of Islands in the Pacific ocean, part of French Polynesia, where most of their inhabitants live. The Society Islands are divided into two groups: Leeward and Windward ones.

Tahiti, the largest island in the Windward group, is just about 100 nautical miles away. Intensive pre-arrival works were carried out throughout the vessel— in the engine room, on the masts, on the deck and even overboard. Some cadets were working overboard in bosun's chairs. They were wiping portholes when sharks appeared below. The sharks were moving along the sides of the ship in search of lunch. None of cadets was frightened.

Photo: By Kirill Umrikhin and Andrey Zheludkin (TSS Pallada)

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