En route again

The frigate Pallada has left hospitable port of Apia to the sound of “Farewell of Slavianka”.
According to the Master of the Pallada Mr Nikolay Zorchenko, three days of staying ran fast, but the most of the crew was willing to put to sea ASAP. "I guess it happens because we feel at home when we are at sea or we are probably hurrying back to our home port. I must admit that forty days of voyage slipped past very fast. When I ask the guys about their first forty days on board they usually check back: "Forty? Really?" Then they make their own calculations and get even more surprised", — says the Master.

In Apia the cadets visited the estate of the marine writer Robert Louis Stevenson, walked around the city at least twice and swam in a very warm sea.

"During the whole time of the stay there were no incidents and no violations of Seafarer's code of conduct, there were no social or intercultural misunderstandings. However, yesterday police approached the vessel: they brought a camera left by one of the cadets in a taxi. The camera was received by its surprised owner in the evening after his shore leave. The Master of the frigate says: "The cadet had given up on the camera but happily got it back."

The Pallada was not receiving guests officially during her stay as she was moored at a container terminal. However the port authorities, local seafarers and their families had a chance to visit the ship. On a conservative estimate of the Master, the Pallada was visited by 500 people. All the visitors received postcards with views of Vladivostok or the Pallada.

In his ship's daily report, the Master wrote upon leaving the port of Apia "we are proceeding under eight sails (topmast staysails, staysails, jib sail, mid-jib and mizzen) with the ME running. The average speed is 5.8 knots. The weather is great: the air temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is also about 30 degrees, there is a light North-West wind, the sea state force is up to 3.

This is the life!

For reference:
The frigate Pallada put to sea on November 1 from the port of Vladivostok. She is the first of three training sailing vessels of Rosrybolovstvo participating in the unique expedition "Sails of Peace", dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers and the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war.
The Sedov and Kruzenshtern left the port of Kaliningrad in the morning of December 8, 2019. The vessels are going to meet in the South Atlantic — at the closest point to Antarctica.
Three vessels will make joint manoeuvring and will take part in the 200-mile regatta. After that, the second stage of the expedition will begin-in honour of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
Totally, the sailing ships will call at more than 40 ports of North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The main missions of expedition are to remind the world about the role of Russia in the history: discovery of the sixth continent, victory over fascism, traditions of the Russian navigation, heroism and feats.

Source: ship’s daily reports of Pallada's Mst Nikolay Zorchenko

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