The ship has sailed 3,000 nautical miles within 3-week trip

The training sailing ship Pallada has safely sailed 3,200 nautical miles and is being now in the Northern tropic of the Pacific ocean.
Totally 88 cadets from Rosrybolovstvo educational institutions and 4 shipboys from Young Mariners' League of Russia are taking sea practice on Board of the vessel. The educational process is going according to the plan. The ship's schedule is also fully maintained: waking up, physical exercises, morning and evening tidying up, study, ship works, meals. Cadets are involved in various sports: powerlifting, plank-hold, chinup have become their daily routine. There are all necessary conditions for preparation of new generation of seafarers.

Pallada's ship boys and cadets operate the rigging every day. Braces, foot out hauls, halyards, downhauls, brails, girt-lines have become the usual terms for our cadets. The guys, conquering the height of the masts, get stronger, grittier and more united. It is a high time to build maritime character, which will be useful to them in the future.

At the end of the third week of the round-the-world expedition, the 36th sailing emergency ("all hands on deck") was announced. Most of the passage over the past seven days the frigate has taken under sail and set the first speed record of the expedition — 11.7 knots. Thus, the Pallada is approaching the Equator, which is less than 400 nautical miles away. 

The round-the-world expedition is going on...

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