Life on board of the Pallada

Pallada' round-the-world expedition has been going for two weeks. It is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers and the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Within this period of time the tall ship has sailed about 2,500 nautical miles.
The vessel caught NE moderate wind and is heading to the port of Apia with the speed of 8 knots.

Almost none of the crew noticed crossing of the Nothern Tropic: it's been very hot for some days. The crew and cadets cut their hair bald, the weather seems to be the best trend-setter.

The ambient air temperature is above +35 degrees, and the water temperature is up to + 30. One can hardly believe that the cadets were wearing pea coats two weeks ago. It is quite comfortable in inner spaces of the ship. Air conditioning system works well. All those who work on deck like going to cool spaces downstairs and all those who study downstairs are waiting for a break to sunbathe on deck.

This expedition is unique in a way - there will be no winter during the passage…even the calendar winter. The vessel is reaching the Equator, she is about to cross it soon and go on sailing in the southern hemisphere where November is a spring month.

Things run their course on board. There are watches, duties, drills which help gaining new experience. The Pallada is a school of bravery and courage for the cadets.

The Pallada is heading SE, passing the Marshall Islands on her port side, crossing meridians and time zones. The expedition in the footsteps of the Russian heroes is going on.

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