A marathon in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory

The participants of the marine marathon, arranged on the deck of the STS Pallada on May 10, showed their desire to achieve goals, demonstrated endurance and even some super-abilities.
The competition was attended by cadets, trainees and crew members (both ratings and officers) – a total of 27 people.

Each participant chose a distance (42 km, 21 km, 10 km, 5 km or 1 km) depending on their fitness level and sport background. One kilometer is equal to seven circles of the deck, so each circle is about 150 meters.

Athletes had to get ship doctor's permit to take part in the competition. Depending on the distance water and food were provided to the athletes.

The best results were shown by Watch Engineer Nikolay Dyuldin (distance of 1 km), Information Officer Olga Shchedrova (5 km), Cadet Pavel Derkach (10 km).

Three cadets ran the half marathon distance. Ivan Derkach came first. Chief sailor-instructor Oleg Anishchenko and trainee Stanislav Lyakhovetskiy became marathon runners who overcame 42 km.

Pallada's Master Nikolay Zorchenko congratulated all participants and fans.

Text by Olga Shchedrova
Photo by Evgeniya Romanenko
Video by Evgeniy Tyunev

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