On May 9, the victory banner was hoisted on the Pallada and the "Immortal regiment "campaign was held

The morning was started with the solemn formation, hoisting of the Russian Federation flag and a copy of Victory banner.
After the ceremony it was a turn for "Immortal regiment". The cadets and crew came to the main deck with portraits of relatives and friends who fought and worked for Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Pallada has a huge experience in participating in the "Immortal regiment" campaigns abroad, especially in China and South Korea.

The younger generation knows and remembers their veterans. Сadet Yegor Grishin told about the feat of his great-great-grandfather Neustroyev Stepan Andreevich-the Hero of the Soviet Union, who took part in the battle for Reichstag during the liberation of Berlin from fascism.

Cadets Mikhail Nikolenko, Alexey Khokhlov, Matvey Cherkesov,ship boy Saveliy Drozdov told about their great-great-grandfathers-veterans, their acts of bravery, injuries, medals and orders, shared their family legends.

The Master congratulated the crew on the great holiday. "We remember our ancestors, remember their contribution to the Victory... Thanks to their blood and self-sacrifice we live and work, enjoy the peaceful skies, calm seas, visit other countries, study at universities and colleges, master Maritime professions. All this is due to the fact that 75 years ago a Soviet soldier put an end to the war against fascism," said Nikolay Zorchenko.

In the evening, a festive concert was held on the Pallada. The guys were singing famous war songs and reading poems for the whole evening.

Text by Olga Shchedrova
Photos by Yevgeniya Romanenko

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