Pallada replenished her supplies in a roadstead of Singapore

On May 3, a large pre-arrival clean-up was started. Due to COVID-19 situation the port of Singapore is closed for mooring. Nevertheless a Russian vessel should look impeccably in any foreign port or in the roadstead.
So, the Master checked the standards of appearance of the guys during the formation. Officers inspected the deck, forecastle, public spaces, galley, mess rooms, crew day room and showers for cleanliness. The ship gleamed with perfection.

In the morning of May 4, the Pallada and Sedov proudly hoisted flags of the Russian Federation in the port of Singapore. The city was glittering with skyscrapers, feasted seafarers' eyes on iconic and modern sights. Port traffic was very busy, there were many types of vessels in the roadstead.

The Master congratulated frigate's crew on completing the 45-day journey from the port of Cape Town and thanked them for their endurance and true grit. Nikolai Zorchenko encouraged the guys. He promised that they would be at home in a month.

The vessel got bunkered and replenished her supplies. On May 5, the Pallada and Sedov will start their trip to Vladivostok. Active preparations for the Victory Day are being in progress on board.

Text by Olga Shchedrova

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