On the first on May the Pallada was celebrating Labour Day.

The Pallada had sailed more than 22.65 thousand nautical miles by May 1, 2020.
The Strait of Malacca is quite busy. There are a lot of vessels nearby: bulk carriers, fishing vessels and container ships.The Pallada and Sedov are being accompanied by the Russian Naval Fleet auxiliary force tug Kalar.

A day before a themed concert was held on Board – all performances were united by love for the Pallada. For the whole evening cadets were reading self-penned poems and singing songs about the vessel, the sea and real courage.

After the concert, Mst Nikolay Zorchenko handed a very special gift to the participants – a collection of poems about the Pallada.

The Master also congratulated the crew on a Labour Day and briefly told the cadets about its origin in Chicago in the 19th century, holiday's further spread, and its traditions in the USSR and Russia.

Soon, the Sedov approached the Pallada as close as possible: the cadets, crews and officers lined up on the decks and greeted each other in honor of the holyday.
In the evening, a disco was held on the deck of the frigate.

Both vessels are heading for Singapore.

Text: Olga Shchedrova
Photos: Evgeniy Romanenko

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