Focus on Pallada

The Pallada has been heading for Singapore. The ambient temperature is + 35 degrees, sea water temperature is +30. Sometimes dolphins or flying fish appear in the vicinity.
"In the evening, on April 24, there was a vernissage of photographs by Yevgenia Romanenko. She told about life on all the Rosrybolovstvo's vessels. Of course, the greatest enthusiasm and approval were received by the photoes taken o the Pallada.

Today we would like to focus on those specialists whose work is rarely seen but always noticed. These are the guys from Pallada's engine room. A highly qualified engine crew ensures smooth operation of all mechanisms on the ship. Pyotr Holdobo also called the “Stiff” Engineer heads the ER crew.

"I remember the day when she had to sustain 57 degrees list" says CE Pyotr Holdobo. Pyotr is not just a Chief, he is a Chieftain of his family clan. He is always at the peak of his alertness: he is good at chin-ups, workout and other sports. Pyotr heads the engine crew of 13 people. They work at a depth of 3.5 meters below the waterline. "We are rather ant crew. An engineer always works like an ant. It is a hard work down below which is not necessarily noticed at once", says Pyotr. Only occasionally engineers appear on the upper deck, stained and tired.

The engine room is a men-only club. Women are not allowed inside. An exception can be made just for women representing port authorities. The crew believes that women in the engine room is bad luck. The Pallada is a woman and only men can take care for her.

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