Pallada's expedition routine

The frigate Pallada has been sailing around the world for more than 150 days. The distance of more than 19 thousand nautical miles has been covered. Now the vessel is passing the island state of the Republic of Madagascar off the South-Eastern coast of Africa. This area is known for its tropical forests, beaches and reefs.
"It is an ordinary ocean sailing, we are following a shallow cyclone. Port Louis is less than 400 nautical miles away. It has been exactly 5 months since the start of the expedition. Everything is going well on board, " says Mst Nikolay Zorchenko.

The Pallada is a self-sustaining system, a complex engineering structure. There are desalination and sewage plants, waste disposal system. Most surprisingly, there is a dental office equipped with a dental chair, a dental drill, a cabinet with medicines. Boris Korsaev is probably the only dentist in the world working on sailing training ships. It is his fourth round– the-world expedition. “It is necessary to receive patients all the time. The ship may be experiencing rolling and pitching but my key task is not to injure my patient. I got used to heavy conditions. The patient also helps holding the lamp. Each voyage about 20% of the crew and cadets need dental assistance", says Boris Karsaev.

The home port of Vladivostok is less than 8 thousand nautical miles away.

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