Fair wind abeam of Madagascar

The Indian ocean which seemed to be calm at first, surprised the Pallada with pitching and rolling in a short while. The sailing training ship of the Agency is passing Madagascar and proceeding to Mauritius, Port Louis, having caught favourable wind. The frigate left Cape Town on March 19 and is going to call at the port of the tropical island on April 6.
The list that reached 30 degrees and stopped deck works, but did not cancel lessons at classrooms and did not prevent the guys from having a great lunch of of hot cheese soup and calamari risotto. The morning heavy shower helped to reduce ambient temperature to comfortable 24 degrees.

Life is humming on board. During the rest hours the guitar sounds on the deck. One can also enjoy movies or admire the magnificent sea. The fair wind filled the sails, and Pallada's speed reached 12 knots. Pallada has already sailed 18.6 thousand nautical miles, she went 25% of the route under sail. During the previous day, 173 nautical miles were covered.

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