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Замруководителя Росрыболовства посетил УПС «Паллада» и «Седов» (дополнено видео)


The Deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo visited the Pallada and Sedov

The Deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, Pyotr Savchuk, is being on his working trip to Primorsky Krai.

День России на "Седове" и "Палладе" (дополнено видео)


The day of Russia on the Sedov and Pallada

On June 12, 2020 the frigate Pallada and the barque Sedov were celebrating the national holiday. Solemn formations of Яthe crews and cadets were arranged, the national flag was raised to the sound of national anthem. ...

Как встречали "Палладу"


Warm welcome to Pallada

Photo report by Yevgenia Romanenko from Vladivostok.

«Паллада» ошвартовалась в родном порту


Pallada moored at the her home port

The return of the legendary sail vessel Pallada (belonging to the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University) from the circumnavigation to Vladivostok took place on June 3, 2020.

Уроки кругосветки


Lessons learnt at the expedition

By June 1, STS Pallada’s cadets and ship boys had successfully passed qualification exams.

13:48 – минута скорби в Цусимском проливе


Moment of silence in the Tsushima Strait

Crews of the Sedov and Pallada paid tribute to the memory of Russian seafarers who died in the battle of Tsushima.

На «Палладе» состоялся заключительный концерт


The final concert was held on the Pallada

On May 23, sail training vessel Pallada was hosting a concert. The event was held due to completion of the round-the-world expedition "Sails of Peace".

«Паллада» идёт на суточный рекорд по парусным авралам


Pallada is about to beat daily all hands on deck record

The sail training ship Pallada is completing the round-the-world expedition and coming back to her home waters. The ship is sailing in the East China Sea and proceeding to the Japanese Sea. The weekend turned out to be enjoyable: the wind...

Интервью с курсантами. Часть 3


Interview with Pallada's cadets. Part 3

We go on interviewing cadets of educational institutions of Rosrybolovstvo. The guys share their impressions of the practice and tell us about the highlights of this voyage....

«Паллада» на пути домой проходит Филиппины и южный берег Тайваня


The Pallada is passing the Philippines and the Taiwan's southern coast on her way home

Rosrybolovstvo's sail training vessel Pallada is sailing in the South China sea at a speed of 8-9 knots. Two engines are running and occasionally the ship proceeds under sail....

Интервью с курсантами. Часть 2


Interview with Pallada's cadets. Part 2

We go on interviewing cadets of educational institutions of Rosrybolovstvo. The guys share their impressions of the practice and tell us about the highlights of this voyage....

На «Палладе» устроили марафон в честь 75-летия Победы (дополнено видео)


A marathon in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory

The participants of the marine marathon, arranged on the deck of the STS Pallada on May 10, showed their desire to achieve goals, demonstrated endurance and even some super-abilities.

На «Палладе» 9 мая подняли знамя Победы и провели акцию «Бессмертный полк»


On May 9, the victory banner was hoisted on the Pallada and the "Immortal regiment "campaign was held

The morning was started with the solemn formation, hoisting of the Russian Federation flag and a copy of Victory banner. ...

Поздравление с Днём Победы фрегата "Паллада"


Congratulations on Victory Day from the frigate Pallada

Congratulations on Great Victory Day! 75 years ago the Great Patriotic War was over. This Victory is in our memory, in history of our country and of every family. We bow our heads in tribute to those who did not return from the war. Bloo...

Интервью с курсантами "Паллады"


Interview with Pallada's cadets

The guys shared their impressions of the practice on the Pallada.

«Паллада» пополнила запасы топлива и продовольствия у берегов Сингапура (дополнено фото)


Pallada replenished her supplies in a roadstead of Singapore

On May 3, a large pre-arrival clean-up was started. Due to COVID-19 situation the port of Singapore is closed for mooring. Nevertheless a Russian vessel should look impeccably in any foreign port or in the roadstead. ...

В День весны и труда на «Палладе» отметили полгода в кругосветной экспедиции


On the first on May the Pallada was celebrating Labour Day.

The Pallada had sailed more than 22.65 thousand nautical miles by May 1, 2020.

Капитанский триумвират


Masters' triumvirate

The Russian ships are going to sail a part of the route together. The Masters have agreed on joint actions, planned the passage and discussed the route during a briefing on the Sedov.

«Паллада» и «Седов» встретились у входа в Малаккский пролив


Pallada and Sedov met at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca

On Sunday morning, the crew of the drifting Pallada saw another Rosrybolovstvo sailing vessel in vicinity. It was the Sedov approaching the frigate. Both vessels are going to continue their round–the-world expedition together. They will p...

Из жизни на "Палладе"


Focus on Pallada

The Pallada has been heading for Singapore. The ambient temperature is + 35 degrees, sea water temperature is +30. Sometimes dolphins or flying fish appear in the vicinity. ...