Kruzenshtern at Tierra del Fuego

The crews of the STS Kruzenshtern and Pallada at the port of Ushuaia took part in official events with the participation of Dmitry Feoktistov (the Russian Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Argentina).
In the morning, a delegation of distinguished guests headed by D. Feoktistov visited the Pallada and Kruzenshtern.

In the afternoon, Kruzenshtern’s Master Mikhail Eremchenko and Captain-Mentor Mikhail Novikov met with the Governor during a ceremony at the monument dedicated to the soldiers who died in the military conflict over the Falkland Islands between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982. The Russian delegation laid wreaths at the monument.

In the evening, the crews of the vessels had the opportunity to attend the opening of the exhibition in the Central city Museum of Ushuaia dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors under the leadership of F. Bellingshausen and M. Lazarev.

Text by Evgenia Romanenko, Pavel Budnikov
Photo by Evgenia Romanenko, Valery Pritchenko

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