New year on board of the Kruzenshtern

The cadets and crew of the Kruzenshtern began getting ready for New Year celebration when the ship was moored on the Canary Islands.
The cadets rehearsed for the gala concert and edited short videos.

December 31 was marked with an unusual event-festive all hands on deck. It was such a fun to watch Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens and Christmas deers climbing the masts.

The New Year party was arranged in the ocean. The table was filled with traditional Russian dishes.

The captain came down to cadet's mess room, accompanied by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.  They were handing out new year's gifts to the guys.

After short ceremonial speeches made by the guests everyone was invited to the deck to join an open air disco.

Afterwards the crew and cadets had a well-earned time off. Next day there was all hands on deck training at 13.00. The rest of the day on January 1 was quite stress-free.

A long passage to Rio de Janeiro began. So, everyone is waiting for a significant event – crossing of the Equator.

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