Results of the first decade at sea

For two days the Kruzenshtern was making her way to the English Channel from the North Sea. She had to overcome strong wind. Sometimes her speed dropped to 1 knot. Both main engines had a hard time. When the conditions became more or less favourable the ship got to Pas de Calais.
On December 16 at 15.58 (ship's time) the Kruzenshtern crossed the Greenwich Meridian and got to the Western hemisphere of our planet. Here she is going to spend 4 months. She will cross the Atlantic, visit several countries in South America, go down to the Islands of South Georgia in the footsteps of Bellingshausen and Lazarev, and return back to Europe.

On 17 of December there was a clean-up and bath day. The cadets scrubbed the deck, cleaned their cabins and all accommodation spaces.

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