The Kruzenshtern is heading to Bornholm

During ship's passage from the German port of Kiel the weather turned bad, there was occasional rain but it did not prevent the crew and cadets from working hard.
On 31 July the training sailing vessel Krusenstern left the port of Kiel and is heading to Bornholm. Every day the cadets are learning something new and their teamwork is becoming more and more fruitful.

The instructors carry out scheduled maintenance of the vessel. Cadets and deck crew are also involved. Having worked together the crew and the cadets made maintenance check-ups of capstans, painted porthole frames, chipped loose paint from waterways etc.

There was a nice surprise for some cadets on the 1st of August. They got birthday greetings during the morning formation. Academic Operations Officer S. Usankov handed gifts to KMC cadets Dmitriy Rusakov and Ilya Bulyryov. The guys got Kruzenshtern caps, crew autographed photos and sweets. After the speeches the birthday boys joined other cadets for classes, watches, shifts.