Kruzenshtern in the Mediterranean Sea

The Kruzenshtern is heading for the port of Novorossiysk. Soon the ship will enter the Aegean sea. So, the Dardanelles Strait at will be at hand.Its transit is scheduled for April 18.
The square sails were set by the shores of Greece. All the cadets were quite experienced in this all-hands-on-deck work, so sails setting went fast.

April 12-Сosmonautics Day was celebrated in a special way. An open-air cinema was set up on the deck and a film about space exploration was on.

One more memorial evening dedicated to the Great Patriotic War was arranged in the cadets' mess room. This time the theme of the evening was the Tallinn operation. The evacuation of Tallinn was a Soviet operation to evacuate the ships of the Baltic Fleet, army units and civilians from the fleet's encircled main base of Tallinn to Kronstadt. The report on this tragic historical event was made by the cadets.

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Text and photos by Valery Pritchenko

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