Kruzenshtern – the capital of the Olympic Games

On March 14, the shipentine turned into a sports field to hold mini-Olympic Games "Russian Sails 2020". Perhaps for the first time in human history, the Olympics were held in the South Atlantic.
There were two teams from KMFC (Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College) the Navigational and Electrical Engineering Department, a team of Volgo-Caspian Maritime Fishing College, a team of Baltic State Academy, and a combined team of Saint Petersburg Sea Fishing College and MSTU (Murmansk State Technical University).

The sequence of exercises was set by lot. The program included 5 types of strength exercises. The test for athletes and men of muscles were kettlebell excercises. The second set was a series of crunches for guys with firm stomachs. The third "Olympic set" was represented by chin-ups on the crossbar.The most popular and spectacular show was a series of push-ups. The maritime relay was a good conclusion of the sports day. The competition was intense and spectacular. All the spectators were supporting their teams vividly and keenly.

The award ceremony took place late in the evening. The teams showed the following results:
1. Saint Petersburg Sea Fishing College/Murmansk Technical State University – 9 scores
2. Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College (Navigational Department) and Kaliningrad Maritime Fishing College (Electrical Engineering Department) shared the second place-8 scores
3. Baltic Fishing Fleet Academy – 3 scores
4. Volgo-Caspian Maritime Fishing College-2 scores

Despite the fact that almost half of the participants are under 18, they demonstrated quite adult results.

The finishing touch of the sport holiday was a farewell Olympic song and hoisting the beloved Olympic mascot Misha the Bear with balloons up the mast. Later, Misha the Bear will return to the Kruzenshtern to cheer the cadets in the next voyage. Its presence at various events will become another good and sincere tradition of the vessel.

The article was prepared by cadets of the KMFC: Yevgeniy Sobolev and Ravil Hafizov

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