On the edge of the world

The sailing ships Kruzenshtern and Pallada took part in joint maneuvers with four Russian yacht: Siberia, Xanadu, Wind Dancer and Mon Coeur which were heading to the shores of Antarctica to the station "Bellingshausen".
For a period of time the ships were proceeding in the Beagle Strait almost side by side, so that the crew members could greet each other. With their caps in hands, as was tradition, the cadets waved to the other ships.

In order to calculate in advance all the actions of the crews when maneuvering, Captains Mikhail Eremchenko and Nikolai Zorchenko held a briefing under the leadership of the Head of the Department of Navigation and practical training of the BSA RF Mikhail Novikov. The briefing was also attended by navigators of the yahts. The trick was that all ships had different speeds, so the captains made calculations.

Captains of sports yachts made their entries into Kruzenshtern's guest book and wished to the legendary ship, her crew and cadets good luck in future endeavors, wind in the sails and a hand-width of water under the keel.