New participants joined the circumnavigation

4 sailing yachts are joining the sailing expedition in the area of the Beagle Strait. They are going to take part in joint maneuvering.
The crew of the Maritime practice educational center has arrived in the port of Ushuaia. The yachties are making their trip on the 20-meter Bermuda sloop Wind Dancer. Simultaneously three more Russian crews are going to Antarctica on the yachts Mon Coeur, Siberia and Xanda.

The start of the trip has been scheduled for February 14, 2020. Expedition route: Ushuaia (Argentina) – Beagle Strait – Drake Strait – King George island – Russian station "Bellingshausen"– Half Moon Island – Ukrainian station "Akademik Vernadskiy" – British station "Port Lockroy" -Ushuaia (via Drake Strait).

Joint maneuvering of yachts with the Kruzenshtern, Sedov and Pallada is scheduled on February 15 in the area of Cape Horn. The yacht expedition is going to last about 20 days if the weather is favourable.

Photos provided by Marine practice