On the eve of maneuvering

The Sedov, Kruzenshtern and Pallada have met in the South Atlantic Ocean. The crews and cadets of each ship are motivated to win the regatta.
A large 200-mile regatta was preceded by joint maneuvers and sports competitions between cadets.

Sedov's crew spent the whole day making photoes and recording video of the approaching frigate and barque. Having approached quite closely, the Sedov, Pallada and Kruzenshtern greeted each other with a three-tone beep of a typhon. Cadets lined up along the sides and waved to their peers with snow-white caps in their hands.

Head of the Department of Navigation and Practical Training, captain-instructor Mikhail Novikov arrived at the Sedov for a briefing. He discussed the details of joint maneuvering, sport competitions and, of course, some issues of upcoming regatta with Mst Yevgeny Romashkin and Mst Nikolay Zorchenko.

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