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Накануне старта маневрирования


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Обращение капитана УПС "Крузенштерн" Михаила Ерёмченко перед началом маневрирования


The address of STS Kruzenshtern's Master Mikhail Eremenchenko before the joint manoeuvring

Today three Rosrybolovstvo sailing vessels have met in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean: The Sedov, Kruzenshtern and Pallada are ready to make a joint manoeuvring during the "Sails of Peace" expedition devoted to annivers...

Парусники Росрыболовства готовятся к совместному маневрированию в Южной Атлантике (обновлено)


Rosrybolovstvo's sailing vessels are preparing for joint manoeuvres in the South Atlantic

The Pallada hosted a briefing for photographers and operators involved in the joint maneuvering of the Kruzenshtern, Sedov and Pallada in the South Atlantic and the 200-mile regatta in honor of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of An...

На краю света


On the edge of the world

The sailing ships Kruzenshtern and Pallada took part in joint maneuvers with four Russian yacht: Siberia, Xanadu, Wind Dancer and Mon Coeur which were heading to the shores of Antarctica to the station "Bellingshausen".

Встреча капитанов в Ушуайе


Meeting of Captains in Ushuaia

Ushuaia hosted a meeting of the Captains of the frigate Pallada, the barque Kruzenshtern, and four sailing yachts which joined the expedition.

Фотовыставка «Аристократы морей» на краю света


Photo exhibition "Aristocrats of the seas" at the edge of the world

The creative association "Marine photographic union" opened a photo exhibition "Aristocrats of the seas" in the southernmost city of the planet, located on Tierra del Fuego.

В поддержку кругосветки


New participants joined the circumnavigation

4 sailing yachts are joining the sailing expedition in the area of the Beagle Strait. They are going to take part in joint maneuvering....

"Морская практика" присоединяется к кругосветке (дополнено)


Maritime practice joins the round-the-world expedition

Rosrybolovstvo sailing expedition will be joined by the educational center Maritime Practice which is conducting a historical and memorial expedition to Antarctica on board of the 20-meter Bermuda sloop Wind Dancer. ...

Шестой континент. К юбилею открытия Антарктиды


The sixth continent. On the anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica

200 years ago, on January 28, 1820, Russian seafarers were the first to approach the shores of the ice continent. Later this land will be called Antarctica

Кругосветку парусников Росрыболовства презентовали на конференции Sail Training International в Антверпене


Rosrybolovstvo's sailing circumnavigation was presented at the Sail Training International conference in Antwerp

Sail Training International conference was held in Antwerp (Belgium) from December 5 to 7, 2019....

И за честь я теперь почту снова пуститься в путь…


Must I make haste and go with tribute to her pier…

On December 8, at 8.45 (local time), the Sedov and Kruzenshtern left the Kaliningrad sea fishing port.

Стартовал основной этап кругосветной экспедиции учебных парусников Росрыболовства


The main stage of Rosrybolovstvo's round-the-world expedition of training sailing vessels has started

In Kaliningrad on December 7, solemn departure ceremony of the training sailing vessels Sedov and Kruzenshtern was held. The round-the-world expedition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers ...

С собой - тепло сердец


Let warmth of our hearts be with you

Less than a day remains until the official celebration of Sedov and Kruzenshtern's circumnavigation start. It is high time for congratulations and parting words to the cadets and crews of the vessels.

Калининградский старт кругосветки


Kaliningrad start of the circumnavigation

The solemn ceremony of the Kruzenshtern and Sedov departure to the circumnavigation of the world will take place in the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing port on December 7 at 10 o'clock.

Сохраняем традиции кругосветок


We follow traditions of round-the-world expeditions

Rector of KSTU Vladimir Volkogon met journalists and future members of the expedition-representatives of the Museum of the World Ocean.

В Правительстве Калининградской области обсудили кругосветную экспедицию парусников Росрыболовства


The Government of the Kaliningrad region discussed the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo sailing fleet

On Friday, November 29, the working meeting of the Governor Anton Alikhanov and the Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Fishery Pyotr Savchuk took place.

ГТРК-Калининград: последние штрихи перед кругосветкой


"Kaliningrad" broadcasting company: finishing touches before the circumnavigation

The first cadets have accommodated on the Sedov and Kruzenshtern. They will help to prepare the ships for the departure. A large-scale expedition is about to start. Click the video below to see the footage by "Kaliningrad" broad...

"Вести. Подробности": Ярчайшее событие 2020


Vesti. Details: The brightest event of 2020

Rector of KSTU Vladimir Volkogon told the journalist of "Kaliningrad" broadcasting company about the expedition of the sailing fleet of Rosrybolovstvo

Началось заселение курсантов на барки "Седов" и "Крузенштерн"


Cadets are getting accommodated on the Sedov and Kruzenshter

The first to arrive in Kaliningrad were the cadets from the St. Petersburg Maritime Fishing College, today they have been joined by guys from Astrakhan.

Завершается ремонт и подготовка к экспедиции барков "Седов" и "Крузенштерн"


Repair and preparation for the expedition of the Sedov and Kruzenshtern have come to final stage

Click for the Broadcasting Company Kaliningrad piece on completion of the scheduled repair of sailing ships at the shipyard in Svetlyy.