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«Паллада» и «Седов» встретились в самом южном порту Африки


Pallada and Sedov met at the southernmost port of Africa

The STS Pallada and Sedov got moored at Cape Town on 16 and 17 March 2020. The vessels follow the route of the round-the-world expedition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers and the 75th ...

Поздравление с 8 Марта от руководителя ФАР


Greetings to women on International Women’s Day from the Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries

Dear women, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives of cadets and crew members of our expedition vessels

Поздравление с 8 Марта с барков


Congratulations on March 8 from the barques

Men from the barques Sedov and Kruzenshtern are congratulating all women on March 8 and giving their best wishes.

Малые парусники закончили поход в Антарктиду


Yachts finished their Antarctic trip

Four yachts which had joined the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo finished their trip to Antarctica.

Илья Шестаков подвёл итог первой части экспедиции


Ilya Shestakov summed up the current results

Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia – Head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov summed up the results of the first part of expedition.

Глава Росрыболовства присоединился к экспедиции (дополнено видео)


Head of Rosrybolovstvo joined the expedition

On February 27, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia - the Head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov came to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, to join the transatlantic crossing of the STS Kruzenshtern and support the expedition dedicat...

На пути к очередным портам


En route again

On February 27, the Kruzenshtern will call at Montevideo to sum up the results of the regatta and prepare for official events in Buenos Aires. STS Sedov will reach the shore in three weeks - the next port of her call will be Cape Town (ET...

Мемориальная регата и её итоги (видео)


Memorial regatta and its results (video)

A few days ago, Rosrybolovstvo memorial regatta was finished. Click here for short videos on this memorable event. 

Мемориальная гонка завершена! (обновлено)


The memorial regatta has been finished

There was a strong wind in the area of the regatta, but everything ended well. Crews are resting until tomorrow.

Мемориальная гонка стартовала!


The memorial regatta has started

On February 20, at 00.00, the 200-mile regatta dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica and the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was started. ...

Символы экспедиции были переданы на станцию "Беллинсгаузен"


The symbols of the expedition were handed to Bellingshausen's station staff

On February 18, the Russian yachts (Wind Dancer and Siberia) arrived at the Bellingshausen Antarctic station.

Накануне старта маневрирования


On the eve of maneuvering

The Sedov, Kruzenshtern and Pallada have met in the South Atlantic Ocean. The crews and cadets of each ship are motivated to win the regatta.

Обращение капитана УПС "Крузенштерн" Михаила Ерёмченко перед началом маневрирования


The address of STS Kruzenshtern's Master Mikhail Eremenchenko before the joint manoeuvring

Today three Rosrybolovstvo sailing vessels have met in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean: The Sedov, Kruzenshtern and Pallada are ready to make a joint manoeuvring during the "Sails of Peace" expedition devoted to annivers...

Парусники Росрыболовства готовятся к совместному маневрированию в Южной Атлантике (обновлено)


Rosrybolovstvo's sailing vessels are preparing for joint manoeuvres in the South Atlantic

The Pallada hosted a briefing for photographers and operators involved in the joint maneuvering of the Kruzenshtern, Sedov and Pallada in the South Atlantic and the 200-mile regatta in honor of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of An...

На краю света


On the edge of the world

The sailing ships Kruzenshtern and Pallada took part in joint maneuvers with four Russian yacht: Siberia, Xanadu, Wind Dancer and Mon Coeur which were heading to the shores of Antarctica to the station "Bellingshausen".

Встреча капитанов в Ушуайе


Meeting of Captains in Ushuaia

Ushuaia hosted a meeting of the Captains of the frigate Pallada, the barque Kruzenshtern, and four sailing yachts which joined the expedition.

Фотовыставка «Аристократы морей» на краю света


Photo exhibition "Aristocrats of the seas" at the edge of the world

The creative association "Marine photographic union" opened a photo exhibition "Aristocrats of the seas" in the southernmost city of the planet, located on Tierra del Fuego.

В поддержку кругосветки


New participants joined the circumnavigation

4 sailing yachts are joining the sailing expedition in the area of the Beagle Strait. They are going to take part in joint maneuvering....

"Морская практика" присоединяется к кругосветке (дополнено)


Maritime practice joins the round-the-world expedition

Rosrybolovstvo sailing expedition will be joined by the educational center Maritime Practice which is conducting a historical and memorial expedition to Antarctica on board of the 20-meter Bermuda sloop Wind Dancer. ...

Шестой континент. К юбилею открытия Антарктиды


The sixth continent. On the anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica

200 years ago, on January 28, 1820, Russian seafarers were the first to approach the shores of the ice continent. Later this land will be called Antarctica