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Спартакиада на «Седове»


Sports and athletic contest on the Sedov

Cadet Julia Bakanova (VCMFC) is telling us about daily routine, educational process and sports on board.

Капитанская история Евгения Ромашкина


Captain's story of Evgeniy Romashkin

The head of the KSTU media center Mikhail Mikhailovskiy asked Sedov's Master about his career, life and the sea.

На «Крузенштерне» прошли экзамены 10-суточной программы


Introductory course and exams on the Kruzenshtern

All the cadets got work permit for deck operations and working aloft.

Рабочая группа Росрыболовства обсудила подготовку кругосветной экспедиции


Rosrybolovstvo working group discussed the preparation of a round-the-world expedition

In Rosrybolovstvo, a regular meeting of the working group on the preparation of a round-the-world expedition of training and sailing vessels of the Rosrybolovstvo dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica and the 7...

Письмо от бывалых


A letter from old hands

The cadets of the Baltic State Academy are boarding the ship for their sea practice for the second time and sharing their impressions in this letter.

Программа дня: парусный аврал, учебная тревога, тематический вечер


Agenda: all hands on deck, emergency drill, themed event

In the morning we had a ship abandon drills preceded by "all hands on deck" order. In the evening there was a themed event dedicated to the anniversary of discovery of the new continent by Russian seafarers. The event took place...

Алексей Куликов – лучший шахматист третьего рейса


Alexey Kulikov is best chess player of the third voyage

The struggle at the chessboard took three and a half hours.

Вечером 1 августа «Седов» подойдет к Мурманску


In the evening of August 1 the Sedov will approach Murmansk

The welcoming ceremony and formal events will take place at the berth of the sea station in the afternoon of August 2, 2019.

Все детали о кругосветке


All the details about the circumnavigation

The press conference devoted to the 2019-2020 round-the-world expedition of the training sailing vessels of Rosrybolovstvo will be held on August 6, 2019 at 11:00 in Moscow, in the TASS Russian News Agency office....

Фрегат "Паллада" готовится к ремонту


Frigate Pallada is preparing for repair

The crew of the training sailing vessel Pallad has been preparing for a round-the-world expedition of sailing training vessels of Rosrybolovstvo, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Thaddeus Bellingshausen...

Курсом на Борнхольм


The Kruzenshtern is heading to Bornholm

During ship's passage from the German port of Kiel the weather turned bad, there was occasional rain but it did not prevent the crew and cadets from working hard.

Другой мир


A new world

KMC Cadet Sergey Berberya is telling about his mind-broadening, confidence-boosting and soul-enriching experience gained on board of the Kruzenshtern. The Head of sea practice Alexander Nikolayev has shared his photos to illustrate the ar...

«Крузенштерн» идёт по Балтике под всеми парусами


Kruzenshtern goes across the Baltic under all sails

On the morning of 2 August all sails were set upon "all hands on deck" order.

Заход в Мурманск


Call to Murmansk

Within the period from August 2 to August 6, 2019 the Sedov was staying in Murmansk.

Росрыболовство проведёт в Южной Атлантике регату к 200-летию открытия Антарктиды


Rosrybolovstvo is organizing a regatta in the South Atlantic to commemorate the 200th anniversary of discovery of Antarctica

The regatta was announced at a press conference by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia – Head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov.

На учебном фрегате «Паллада» завершён демонтаж реев


Sailyards of the Pallada have been dismantled

The crew of the training sailing vessel has completed removal of spars for following renovation while preparing for the round-the-world expedition of Rosrybolovstvo....

Сегодня 216 лет первой русской кругосветной экспедиции


Today is 216th anniversary of the first Russian round-the-world expedition

On August 7, 1803 two sloops Neva and Nadezhda put to the sea from Kronstadt Harbor. The sailing boats were commanded by I. Kruzenshtern and Yu. Lisyansky.

Тёплые встречи в холодном Мурманске


A warm welcome in cold Murmansk

During Sedov's staying in Murmansk the cadets and the crew were enjoying eventful programme, a number of excursions and visits of famous guests.

«Крузенштерн» зашёл в немецкий порт Варнемюнде (дополнено фото)


The Kruzenshtern called at the German port of Warnemünde

This morning (August 8), the training sailing ship Kruzenshtern called at the port of Warnemünde (Germany). Currently there is a festival of sails "Hanse Sail" which the barque regularly participates.

«Крузенштерн» и «Седов» завершают навигацию-2019 (дополнено)


The Kruzenshtern and the Sedov are about to have hot laying up after a busy season of 2019

For the first time both sailing vessels are welcoming visitors together, on August 24 at the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port. We hope the weather is not upsetting the plans.